Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Consumer Advocacy Group of America

Consumer Advocacy Group of America


Is this website a scam? Are they using name similarities to gain trust?

If you study the website, you will notice that they use well-known home businesses, except for their Number 1 Opportunity - which is for PC Training Institute Certification Program. They give this company a rating of 97, which is above Avon and the rest of the businesses listed.

By doing a "whois" search for the domain, consumer-advocacy.org, we found the following information: The domain was created on 06/21/06 and is registered through GoDaddy.com - the rest of the information is private. There are similarities with the Federal group, called Consumer Federation of America, which is an advocacy group.

We believe the people behind the website in question are just using the name similarity to build credibility with its readers.

The product and website which they are promoting, the PC Training Institute Certification Program, we believe is a scam, as you can take a look at a full review of it at the following website, which gives very detailed information and also offers to "share" the course:


Beware of scams and do your research before signing up and paying for any programs that offer work from home opportunities.

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