Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Well, the Computer Career Institute people have apparently changed their name once AGAIN! They are now calling themselves SCI with website addresses of: and Instead of a "website processing specialist", they now refer to the position as, "website advertising specialist". The website is EXACTLY the same, and they still use a url for "user login" - so that alone tell us that it is the same people. They no longer list a phone number.

For those of you who are interested in taking this "course", please read the full article on them HERE. DO NOT PAY FOR THE COURSE UNTIL YOU READ THE REVIEW!


D said...

Consumers should know that is in NO way affiliated with reputable distance learning school Stratford Career Institute. This website is NOT a Stratford company, product, or affiliate. It seems this company has a habit of using names that are extremely similar to respectable schools such as Stratford, therefore giving consumers a false sense of credibility.

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Carroll said...

I became SCI certified the end of October. I blindly purchased the course based upon the praise it was given on Good Morning America. They claimed it was the one work at home product that actually worked. Two of their interns made $5k &7k the first month after certification. I can no longer find that video at the GMA site.
What do you know about it?

ps paws review said...

did you have them send you the video?

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